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WhY mE?!
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Saturday, December 18th, 2004
7:00 pm
well i am having my 18th b-day at my house tongiht!!!!! AHHHHHH i am soo xcited... i am gonna be sooo wasted, well that might be dumb and childish to some of yall but i am gonna love it!!! hell yeah! i invited only my close friends it is like 40 ppl...loland i told everyone that asked about my party that if i didnt come up and invite u then u cant come b/c i had to give my mom a list a week ago telling her who all was comeing and she had to ok it..lol.. she is flipping about ppl drinkin.. well laters

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Saturday, October 30th, 2004
7:11 am
be at softball all this weekend...

i need fucking blank cd's!!!!

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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
2:01 am
ok ok here is the list
15 friends 15 bluntness
1. Choose 15 people from your friends list at random.
2. Write something about/to each of them.
3. Don't tell anyone who the statements are about. Good or bad. No matter how they beg!

1. well back in the day i remember christmas eve and new years.. you, me , your brothers adn dana... wow... times fly i cant believe things has changed so much. stay strong and dont let dumb girls with nothing other to do bother you.. and you are sooo pretty be careful with guys...

2. i almost feel bad b/c i always wanna find a way to hang out with you and i am so busy. you always invite but i can never amnage to do. you are a GREAT person. you have a big heart and alot of emotion and you actually care about other ppl adn not just your self.. that is hard to find in this world adn it is always a plessure! thanks for the advice and all the times where you seemed to care... you are a great person! i am really hopeing one day i can manage to hang out with yall!

3. well well i know you wont see this b/c u dont get on here anymore but what can say... your just like all the others... owww it hurts... you were there for me , you sit there adn critize those who did it to me and then when u had your chance you dd the same thing.. thanks... thanks for showing me who u really are

4.wow what can say.. umm i love u, i hate u, i love u, i hate u.... that is my day to day emotions with you adn u know htis... you were the only real gilr - friend i ever had... i mean we were inseperable adn i loved every second of it.. we were no-dieting, stay up late, food stealing, marker fighting, shopping crazy, boy loving camera hogs... when a relationship like that grows you always wil love the person.. btu u ripped my heart out when i actually needed you.. i was always there for you.. u taught me that i really am fooled by people b/c i held you on a pedistal higher than anyone... but hey we l;ive and we learn.. you already know how i feel about all that... ofcorse we'll never be as close but i hope our friendship can be memded b4 we part for college

5.lol.. hm you.. u prob wont read this b/c u prob dont care aobut me... just member GOD IS REAL... now u should know who i am tlaking to... everytime i think aobut u i remember either when i use to drive her to dani's house to see you or the night me u her adn adam went to see texas chainsaw massacre ..lol.. your awesome.. we never had a problema dn i always thought u were halarious... stay awesome like me..lol

7.ok ok at first you hated me... but then you took two seconds adn got to knwo me... WOW i am not that "stupid dumb whore who needs to not be friends with my boyfriend" lol... hmm wonder who this is to... lol... you are so funny and whitty.. i love your little comments and jokes on LJ... seriously halarious... makes me smile.. adn i am soo happy you found someone...!

8.well well well... u are the xact opisite of your brother.. you are very intelectual and have a great heart.. u are one of those ppl tha ti could never see hurting someone on purpose or being hatefull for no reason.. you (to me) on one of those guys that actually have a good heart...

9.wow i hope u read this! be safe... i am actually speechless and i thought i woudl have a millon words for you... but... uhhh.. i dont... ijust wanna hug you.... and let you knwo that i feel for you .. i have been though part of what you have... in reality not even close though.. i hope u get better... please be carefull... PLEASE

10. well hmm i guess i really dont know u but i like ytou alot b/c from the choice of girlfriend u have made ! it shows alot aobubt who u are.. and all those are things i like.. things that show me u are a good person... treat her good or grrrr i am comeing for u.. lol.. hopefuly one day i will actually get to see u in person.. iam sure i will

11. not on my friends list but here.. U... u blow my mind.. never met anyone quite like u... i wanna say more but it will just cause a fight... hmmm... you got me in more trouble in a month that i get in a year.. rule #1 you dont tell on someone ur dateing.. umm NOT COOL! oh and u dont spread thier bissness to ppl u dont even know... hmmm i know you just want a real girlfriend but tthat is somethign that will just come.. when u look you'll never find one! trust me!

12. ofcorse i saved the best for last...lol.. well i dont actually knwo you but u are VERY friendly and and always lend me that ear i need to vent... i am super glad u came upon my journal b/c u are a super person adn i am glad i met you... thank you for being so positive b/c iam a super sensitive perosn...adn tanks for commenting... i love that...

13. ok this on isnt on my friends list either..i am a cheater.. ohh well.. YOU.. you are seriously my everything.. i love you more than life itself... i miss you baby... it is sad to say that we only really started to get along a couple of months before the beginning of the end! i would do anything to bring you back into my life! not haveiong your presence anymore has molded me into who i am today and changed me multiple times.. i hear it gets eaiser.. i only feel it getting harder... i wanna scream "come back" but i knwo u can't so i wanna come to u.. i knwo there is only one waqy to manage that... btu ofcorse i cant do that myself or i would...i dot wanna take that chance of never seeing u again!i amno longer scared of what will bring me to u... i welcome it..! i love you!

Current Mood: blank

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Monday, October 11th, 2004
3:34 am
it is 3:30 in the morning... ever heard of the word insomnia?? this si the defintion... ihate how i can never sleep at night... in the dy i sometimes can.. uhhh

Current Mood: frustrated

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Saturday, October 9th, 2004
11:33 pm
i forgot.. i got my all-state ring yesterday!!!


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4:23 pm
we had a softball car wash today...

i ate alot today...
the guys are building my box today...
i wentand saw chey's sexy hair today....
i am lonely today...
i want someone to come and hold me today...

the end!

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Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
10:41 pm
count how manytimes..
happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday

Current Mood: empty

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Monday, August 30th, 2004
5:00 pm
hell yeah
starting next week i will be employed at


i turned my application in today and got hte job... yeah!! happy day

ohh yeha and yesterday i got my 15" solo barrack.... that shit is gonna breal my back glass.. hahahhaah

Current Mood: accomplished

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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
8:20 pm
happy b-day
Dana Nicole Marabella
Aug.26,1982 - Jan. 7,1999

today is Dana's birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANA!!! i love you.... big 2-2!

Current Mood: bouncy

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Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
9:57 pm
all my journal entries after this will probably be friends only so if u wanna read leave me a mesage...

mark rgot a girl who haslive journal to get him into my live journal with out my permission and with know i asked him not to... i am super mad aobut that!!! he likes breaking my trust....

he is seaming kinda psyco... iming ppl he never met adn telling things aobut us and whinning to them... sorry but he tells me how he does things "without thinking" ... ok then how canhe swear it wont happen again?? he cant... b/c he dose it with out thinking...lol yeah this is all humorus to me b/c i dont let things get to me.. well i dont want a boyfriend for my snior year but i was weilling to make an xception for him b/c he is super hott,sweet adn romantic.. but i can only take sooo much drama and he brings it daily.. hmmm if yall member when i was dating bryan with the bi-polar problem.. well this is more drama than that..... lol

i dont want a boyfriend b/c i hate drama and that is alll marc brings to the table... here i go messing up a nother great relationship with a guy over tryte shit... well i guess when i do find the person i wanna be with it will just work.. me adn marc did at first.. yall know i like the chase...shit eeryone knows that about me..... when he told me he didnt want a relationship with me and other girl were getting his number i wanted him soo bad.... i cant help it.. but now i know he was just saying it... oh well... i'll write the rest in my friend only blocked entries... later yalll!!

Current Mood: annoyed

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
9:38 pm
comment on this one 4 me
please everyone who sees this respond.. all u gotta do is push one # in... i am just wondering....

How many times u have been in love?... real love

buh byes

*holly jo*

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Thursday, August 12th, 2004
5:10 pm
well well well... i just went and got my hair cut 4 1/2 inches and dyed pretty dark... i am tring to get it healthy so i bought some good reconstructive shampoo and conditionerr

beside sthat marc just told me his dad told him to get out b/c he saw his labre pecing we did 3 nights ago.. lol.. well going to katie's meet the teacher.. buh bye

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10:19 am

MY Boyfriend got my name tattooed on his ass!!!


i swear!! i was sleeping yesterday b/c i was super sick an in pain b/c my ear adn he came over with it done... he told me was going to but i really didnt believe him! omg i can't believe this... we have only KNOWN each other for 2 1/2 weeks... he is crazy... he said he wanted to prove he really loved me b/c i didn't believe him.. lol .... comment!

Current Mood: crazy

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Monday, August 9th, 2004
2:03 pm
feeling great but in pain!
well well well.. i havent updated in a while b/c of my ear surgery... the doctor gave me DOUBLE VIKIDEN... lol twice as strong as regular.. but when i take two it make me druged up and dizzy... but the pain is away

well they found two more tumors in my ear :( ... and ummm but they got them both out..one was close to the taste bud nerves so i dont have any taste buds in my mouth really xcept on the farr farr left.. i can kinda taste stuff.. the doc said i'll get them back in 2 months... so i decided goo time for a diet! :)

well me and that guy from galveston MARC are tgether i guess.. he kinda scared me lat nihgt... he told me he loved me... and he qwas serious.. i was like woahh woahh slow down... but i can tell he meant it.. reminded me of val.. he was telling me that b4 we went out!

but he treats me super good..t he other day he filed my car up, took me to the volleyball car wash since i cant drive (and all the girls hit on him and told hm he was hott right in front of me), paid for the car wash,took me to sonic, then to the grocery store to get anyhitng i wanted..lol what i sweetheart.. adn last ngiht we had ihop!!! yummmmmy...

well my ear hurts like the dickens but he is gonna e here in about 30 min to pick me up... he is getting me a pedicure and then off to the mall... gosh i love haveing a new relationship.. where they treat u like heaven... i hope it last... what yall think... yall think new relationships and new loves are the best?? hmm well it sure feels good....

ok well sorry i havent updted in a while so give me a comment if u want (makes me feel special when i get em..lol)

*Holly Josephine #16*

Current Mood: chipper

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Thursday, August 5th, 2004
12:16 am
I can ALREADY feel
well i have to be at the hospital at 6am for my surgery... AHHHH i am soo scared i hate the pain it brings.. getting my damn ear cut off then put back on... i hope they dont find the tumor grew back...

well anywho marc just left.. i THINK i reallt do like him... shit i confuse myself... hmmmm well me and matthew starnes painted a deer blind today.. woo hoo... ok my day was pointless!!!

laters... and i'll be home friday 4 sure if u wanna come visit and i wont b posting for a while.... buh byes

*holly jo #16*

Dana Nicole i love you and miss u very bad... be with me tomorrow sweet angel!

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
11:26 pm
hey yall sorry i havent writting in sooo long.. super busy.. umm SOFTBALL... well i will update super quick.. well iit probably wont be too quick but ohh well i just meant i will type fast and screw up alot..lol..

well me and that guy from galveston is dating i guess. well he acts like my damn shadow and is super sweet and i think he is soo sexy... i dont know.. it is like he is too easy to get and too nice... uh i am suchhh a retard! what is my problem.. well i am not pushing him away tho... i told him to not be so 'u already have me'... but i dont think he can help it..

today i went and saw JR.. he is doing good.. i swear he is alcaholic..lol but a fun one.. then i found out my 'best friend/sister' i have known her for ummm since i was 11... she introduced me to JR... well anywho she is the biggest compulsive liar in the world / thief/backstabber/trick i know.. but i love her like a sister but seriosly hate her! i have been asking her if she likes JR for umm THE WHOLE TIME me and him were tlaking and she said no.. it was oviouse she did.. even when i was dicking him over.. i mena i like him but he was too perfect... now me and him are friends! well she prfessed to him how much she liked him.. and i just thinks it is funny b/c he thinks she is sooo nasty.. she and her sexual ways ussally can get anyone.. untill they are tred of the same ol ass! so i called her his phone and kinda let her know that i knew she tlod him all that!! lol
she know i care aobut JR rather i wanna b his girlfriend or not... i dotn know what is wrong with me

ok i guess i got that off my back! woah feel better now... well i am having my ear surgry in 2 days!!! AAHHHHHHHH i dont wanna.. ok well i will let everyone go.. ngiht ngiht!

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
1:22 am
ok ok well sunday i went to the low-rider car show... got thrown on stage for ying yang twins salt shaker contest b/c i was told i had a big butt.. go figure.. who didn't know that?? lol ... well lets just say i had a very bounce short black skirt on.. ok wayyy off my character... next story...

i met the most hottest sweetest guy in the whole world saturday night... and we just got back from the movie.. i like him sooo much and he likes me too.. i am sooo xtremly happy!!! i have a smile on ear to ear... ok ok we listen to totally difrent music adn stuff but i swear i could so fal in love with this guy... i mean he is super sexy and sweet.... and best of all.. SINGLE... hopefuly not for long though... well well he dose ork at a night clud in g-town though.. that kinda sucks... but hey.. ohh well i trust him! i havent been happy in soo long.. no more loneliness...!! yeah!! i swear ..

ok well i am playing in beaumont all week and i had a bad athsma attack today and the EMS there rush me to the hospital.. a regular blood preesure is 120/80... mine was 80/somehitng.. they pumped me full of coldwater, saliene, abuterol, umm some kinda of steriod for my lungs and some other junkk.. who would have tought an I.V. for a athsma attack... hmmm well yeah it was the first one in like 2 years... i was scared as hell!! well night ngiht to all!

a xtremely happy girl

*~*~*~Holly Jo #16~*~*~*

Current Mood: xtatic with love

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Sunday, July 25th, 2004
3:21 am
ok ok i am just getting in .. 3:30...lol i went out with my mom.. i made her go with me.. makes stuff simpler and we needed time together... we went to The South Beach club in g-town where they had some band playing... well as sson as i got there a 'sercurity gaurd'started tlaking to me... omg he was super hott.. and 18!!!! well he made me sit out there with him the whole concert with him.. but i enjoyed every second of it :) ... then since he works there and u have to be 21 to get in he told me he was gonna bring me up with him when he got off.. and he did then we went and looked at his fast car! on the way back to my mom he put his arm around me.. i was super happy.. then b4 i left he got me to write my number down... he was soo sweet!i hope sooo bad he calls... i am definantly glad i went to galveston!!!
well that was my night!! yeah me!


*holly josephine*

Current Mood: crazy

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Friday, July 23rd, 2004
12:52 am
ohh soo true
from alyssa (my couz)(romanceistragic)to me... about dana... she understands sooo much about how bad i miss her.. i am not sure how.. but she does.. her and dana i think have a special connection or somehitng.. i cant figure it out but i love it

So much pain she has inside.
So much pain she tries to hide.
Alone she cries herself to sleep.
The hill she climbs is far too deep.
She has a sister, a sister that is there.
She has her attention, her every care.
Not here physically, but always in her mind.
Sisters by blood, their hearts intertwine.
She's forever watching over her from above.
Remember her spirit. Remember her love.

i love you alyssa... your great

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
11:37 pm
here is a poem my cousin wrote .. and well i wanted to share it with ya'll i love my couz... she is aawesome...

her LJ name is romanceistragic ... just incase anyone was wondering... well i thought i would share!

“So in love”

So much love they had for each other.
Why did they break up, did he find another?
Her beautiful brown hair and her seductive auburn eyes.
He left her in the dark, and now she cries.
To sad to see that life will go on.
A knife is what she stumbles upon.
Puddles of blood, is what she lies in.
The end of her life is about to begin.
She thinks back to that very first kiss.
Praying the she’ll be the one he’ll miss.
She solemnly says goodbye to the world.
Soon her thoughts began to swirl.
Thinking now, “I don’t want to die.”
All of this over a stupid guy?
She slowly gasps for one last breath.
And chokes on the words “Love causes death.”


Copyright...BITCHES! =)


well i met a guy... that is all i am saying for now i think... hmmm all i know is i need a man! hell yeah! lol i am soo gay.. well i am free friday and saturday to do whatever.... who is doing what??? tell me what is going on? ok later yall

Current Mood: lethartic?? hmmm means what???

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